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The New Website

I had been using Format to host my website for almost 2 years and I really liked it.  Previously I was using Zenfolio and before that Wordpress. My biggest issue previously was that I wanted a website that I could easily put ecommerce into it but I didn't want to pay for it.  Which is kind of why I avoided Squarespace for quite a while.  The trouble is I wanted all the features that Squarespace offered.  It's not that Squarespace is expensive because in the grand scheme of things it really isn't, it's that I wanted to try alternatives.  Turns out though that the reason people use Squarespace is because its actually quite good!  Don't get me wrong, Format was awesome for a while but its blogging feature was really clunky.  They have at least now added the ability to blog via an iPhone app, but there is not dedicated iPad app and every time I tried to sit down and write something the little carrot thingy would jump to the start of the paragraph halfway through a sentence causing gobbledegook to ensue.  So I gave up.

At the times rather than change website CMS I opted to stop blogging as frequently.  However the last straw was a few days ago when I had finally finished a post and tried to publish it through twitter.  You see, I like my blogged links via twitter to contain the feature image from the blog post.  Unfortunately Format would post the dedicated image I had set for the link "Blog".  Which was downright annoying because it ended up just posting my face, and let's be honest no one needs to see that that often.

So here we are, a new website and one that I will hopefully stick with.  I have a habit of changing website more often than I should (which will hopefully stop now).  I guess I shall have to start building up a roll of posts again as I haven't found a way to port over my old posts.  Possibly not the worst thing in the world but for the sake on continuity my film review posts will be reposted here.


It is currently exam time here in shhhhhhhhhh

It is currently exam time here in shhhhhhhhhh