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I've released my first Zine!

I did it! I finally put together a body of work shot over 48 hours in Amsterdam into a book and have it for sale.

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I only have limited quantities so buy now to avoid disappointment, but enough of that. I wanted to use this post to give context around the Zine.

As some of you may be aware we have been living in Cambridge for the last 2 years and prior to that we were in Melbourne Australia. My Wife’s father had the opportunity to volunteer his time at the World AIDS forum that was in Amsterdam. As we hadn’t seen him in 12 months we flew over for the weekend from cambridge to spend some time wandering the streets of his birth (He is Australian but born in the Netherlands).


I brought along my FED4, Olympus OM-10 and a few rolls of FP4 and Ektar 100. In fact this was the first time I had travelled without my digital camera, and whilst it was a scary concept at first, I was quite impressed with the number of usable shots I came away with. We had hired an AirBnB for the weekend in Diemen Sud, and used that as a base to get to Bussum and Naarden (on the train) as well as Muiden by bike.

Luckily we had some very sunny and gorgeous days that made wandering the streets just absolutely wonderful.

You can buy it in either Hard Copy (£5) or Digital Copy (£3).